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Tree Stump Removal Sydney

Stump Grinding Services Across Sydney

When a tree is removed, a visible stump is left on the ground. These stumps can make your garden look unkempt, and can provide a home for disease and insects that you don't want near your home. Whether you want to remove the stump because it has become an eyesore for visitors entering your home, or to clear space for your dream renovation or house extension, the experts at NSW Tree Management provide you with the best solutions for tree stump removal in Sydney.

When is it time to hire the stump grinding professionals?

The best and safest way to remove a tree stump is by grinding both the stump itself and the tree roots below it. But, if you have ever tried removing a tree yourself, you will have realized it is not a simple task. Arduous, time-consuming and costly, the removal leaves a lot of room for something to go wrong, particularly if you are inexperienced or don't have the precise tools on hand. It is also likely you will end up damaging your property - or simply leaving your lawn in a worse state than when you began.

Once the tree stump is removed your ground is left with a huge hole in it. We provide assistance in filling up the hole and flattening the surface for reuse.

In order to obtain a perfectly even surface for your lawn, you need the best stump grinding service. At NSW Tree Management, we will provide you with quality services without damaging your lawn. Our team is well-equipped to handle even the most difficult of stumps, and they will use the most advanced equipment and tools to grind any tree. We are able to remove stumps, even if they are in hard to reach places - no more fiddling around on your own, we will complete the job in every circumstance.


We are your safest choice. Our comprehensively trained technicians are qualified in first aid, occupational health and safety and safe arboriculture, ensuring the wellbeing of your entire family while we are getting the job done.

Our Procedure to Complete a Task:

Once you contact us, one of our friendly team members will contact you within 24 hours to arrange an appointment with one of our arborists. Upon the time of the appointment, our arborist will assess the task on hand and email you a written quotation. We can even send insurance documentation upon request. Once you agree on the quotation, a suitable day for you can be scheduled to carry out the task. Confirmation will be sent via an email.

On the day agreed upon for the work, our supervisor carries out a Site Hazard and Risk Control Assessment. This assessment outlines all possible risks on site and what controls should be used to enable us to carry out the task safely and efficiently. We aim to achieve the highest customer satisfaction through working safely and efficiently, helping you and providing you with all the knowledge to maintain an end to end relation for your peace of mind. A copy of the assessment will also be provided to you and once the work is complete we will send you the invoice.


If you would like to book our services, please do not hesitate to contact the professionals throughout Sydney, Chatswood, North Sydney and North Shore. Prompt and punctual, we will come to you at a time that suits your schedule, delivering quality service every time.