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Land Clearing

Land Clearing

Land Clearing in Sydney

Any piece of land that is full of overgrown bushes and trees cannot be utilized properly. NSW Tree Management helps you clear your lands to give you a chance to utilize it as you see fit. Our company takes a deep sense of pride in our professional workmanship and the fact that we have introduced new methods of tree care and management.

Land Clearing in Sydney can be a difficult and complex process. This process can require a lot of heavy-duty equipment and machinery and if proper safety measures are not being followed, it can result in injuries.

NSW Tree management has a team of professional experts that have been trained to use the equipment and machinery required for clearing the land. Our team members follow Australian safety standards providing you with a safe and efficient option for tree removals.

7 Steps required for clearing land:

Demolishing existing structures

Our team is capable of demolishing standing structures on your land that you do want to get rid of. The professionals on our team are trained to use the right equipment and machinery to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Remove Standing debris

To make it easier to get equipment in to clear the bushes and trees all the rocks, fallen limbs and trash should be removed. A trip to the local sanitization department to see if you can hire a large construction dumpster for the debris might be helpful. Our team is capable of removing even the largest boulders so that the land can be cleared as smoothly and safely as possible.

Fell any trees

If your land has only a few trees, our high-quality chainsaw can do the work but for the bigger plots with much more trees we have bigger and more efficient tree cutting vehicles. Our team also provides proper tree removal services.

Grubbing the remaining tree stumps.

A tree stump can be an eyesore for your guests and thus our workers won't leave any tree stumps on your land.

Clearing the bushes

Once all this heavy-duty work is done, all you are left with is the bushes. We can easily trim those down for you with a brush machine. A hand-held trimmer can also be used for smaller bushes.

Filling in holes

Removing tree stumps and boulders can make holes in the ground. Using a professional grader, we can provide you with an even track of land.


If you plan on farming or landscaping the area, ploughing is another step that should be taken to ensure you have even, usable land.

NSW Tree Management can provide you with a professional team that is highly trained and capable of undertaking all sorts of land removal. Our aim is to provide you with safer and more efficient service at the most affordable rates. So, if you're looking for a quality land clearing service, contact us and get a quick quote today.